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Talking “Real Estate Investments” with Heidi Prosser

Heidi Prosser, co-founder of Prosser Stevens Real Estate Investments, has a strong reputation in the real estate community built on trust, integrity & client relations. In 2011, Heidi was awarded Top Commercial Agent of the Year of Keller Williams Santa Monica. Heidi then partnered with...
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Slippery Q4 Rates for Homeowners

Here's a snapshot of homeowner activity in the fourth quarter according to the Census Bureau. People who own homes have gone up in the fourth quarter compared to third quarter. It went up from 65.4 percent to 65.5 percent nationwide. Rental vacancy and homes for sale went down in the fourth quarter. For people 65 and older, home...
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FHA: To Bailout or Not to Bailout

With over 1.2 million mortgages insured, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) looks like it’s headed for financial problems; and the Obama administration is hoping it won’t result in a bailout. The FHA currently supports around 15 percent of U.S. home loans, which is down from 30 percent in 2008. At a possible deficit of $16.3 billion,...
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