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Exploring Short Sales with Short Sale Expert Knolly Williams

Knolly Williams was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1970. By 1980, his family had moved to Los Angeles, CA, where Knolly was raised.

At the age of 18, Knolly relocated to Austin, TX to work with his uncle in gospel music. Then, in 1991 he met the love of his life, Josefina Saldana (Josie) and they married in 1992.

That same year, Knolly launched his own Christian record label and by 1998, the small record company was gaining notoriety and had 14 employees and 18 recording artists. In 1999, he signed a lucrative distribution deal with EMI, the parent company of Capital Records.

Knolly’s company was featured on ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, Newsweek and in over 300 newspapers worldwide. The company grew to become the largest independent label in Central Texas and the world leader for the genre, with over one million CD units sold. However by 2001… the music industry had suffered a severe blow with the onset of digital downloading. And, like the high-tech industry, sales came to an almost stand-still.

After 12 profitable years, the bottom fell out for Knolly’s business. The situation worsened quickly, and before long, Knolly himself was facing default and possible foreclosure. Fortunately, Knolly and his wife Josie had built enough equity in their home to be able to sell without having to bring money to the table. The experience of nearly losing their home, however, left Knolly reeling—and gave him a perspective that he would carry with him into a new career in real estate.

In 2003, Knolly decided to switch hats and pursue his aspirations in real estate. Before activating his license, Knolly read The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, by Gary Keller. In his first 60 days, Knolly took nearly 30 listings. Within his first 12 months, Knolly rose through the ranks to become one of the top REALTORS® in Central Texas. By 2008, Knolly had become one of the top 20 RE/MAX agents in the state of Texas.

Knolly joined Keller Williams Realty in 2009 and brings with him a plethora of knowledge to share; along with his own eagerness to learn.

Today, he is a successful associate broker with Keller Williams Realty, a KW MAPS Short Sale Coach, and one of the top 10 producers in the Austin, Texas area. In 2012 Knolly handled 153 transactions. Since 2004, Knolly and his team have closed more than 900 short sale transactions and currently average a 95 percent success rate for short sale approvals.

The national media reports that more than 20 percent of American homeowners are in homes that are worth less than what they currently owe on their mortgages.

Understanding the reality of this statistic led Knolly Williams and 7 Day Systems, LLC to pursue 7 Days to Success with Short Sales as their first educational offering for real estate agents. To survive and thrive in today’s economic climate, agents must learn and master short sales.

A consummate entreprenauer, Knolly continues to wear many hats.

Knolly is the Chairman of Knolly Realty, dba The Knolly Team, a company he proudly runs through Keller Williams Realty.

Knolly is CEO of 7 Day Systems, LLC (www.sevendaysystems.com) a real estate training company, and the author of 7 Days to Success with Short Sales.


Knolly is CEO of MoreSolds, LLC (www.moresolds.com) – the free online contact manager for real estate agents.

Knolly is a MAPS Short Sale Coach with the Short Sale Inner Circle www.ssicCoaching.com, the nation’s largest distressed property coaching community.

Knolly is also founder of the new real estate designation, Certified Listing Specialist. Unlike most designations, The Certified Listing Specialist Designation is only awarded to the TOP 10% of local real estate professionals, based on their actual production. While most designations require the agent to pay an upfront fee, take a test and continue paying annual membership dues, the Certified Listing Specialist is truly unique. Not only is it free to designees, it is available by invitation only. Instead of being awarded on their ability to memorize and answers the questions on a test, this designation is based on ACTUAL AGENT PRODUCTION – therefore it is completely credible and most legitimate. Agents who are awarded this designation have truly earned it.

Knolly’s biggest joy is his Christian faith and relationship with the Lord, his relationship with his wife of more than 21 years, and his weekly Bible classes, which he has been teaching since 1989. His mission and purpose in life is to connect with others.



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