DSNews: Loan Modifications, Short Sales, Foreclosures

DSnewsData from HOPE NOW reveals that loan modifications and short sales beat out foreclosure rates at a ratio of more than 2 to 1, according to a recent DSNews article.  HOPE NOW executive director, Eric Selk, notes that this is further evidence that the government and real estate industry are working together to improve the market and benefit the overall economy.  While foreclosure rates initially rose in this year’s first quarter, rates fell by over 40% between February and March.

Really interesting stuff- this is what Toni Patillo & Associates is all about, finding innovative and strategies solutions to prevent foreclosure and empower homeowners by knowing their options.  If you think a short sale might be for you, visit Toni Patillo & Associates’ website to find out more.  To learn more about HOPE NOW and for the full article, visit DSNews

Photo credit: DSNews.com

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