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How to Live Rent Free

Air Date: Sunday, September 23rd 11 AM - 12 PM If we told you that you could live in your dream home without paying a mortgage or rent, and maybe even make some money on top of it, what would you say? If your real estate isn't working...
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Your LA Market Update

Air Date: Saturday, September 15th from 3-4 PM We're dedicating this show to keeping you in the loop! You'll hear updates from our partners in the mortgage, finance, and real estate fields about what's going on in your Los Angeles neighborhoods. Mark Latini from DiVita Home...
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Your Money Matters

Think you need a lot of money to benefit from financial planning and tax strategies? Quite the contrary! If you're trying to take the next step towards financial stability, what better way than through financial planning? Or, as the host of our new segment, Karla Dennis, likes to say-- How much is it costing you NOT to...
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Don’t Leave Uncle Sam a Tip

Air Date: Sunday, September 9th 10:00-11:00 AM & 3:00-4:00 PM Length of the United States Tax Code: 73,608 pages Amount the average tax payer over pays: $4,800 For most people, the tax code is lengthy and convoluted, the ugly poster child of bureaucratic red tape. But not...
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