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The Estate of Your Affairs

Air Date: Saturday June 30th, 3-4 PM Did you know that 55% of Americans pass away without a trust? Getting your final affairs in order can be complicated to say the least. That's why we're so excited to have Read more

The Rampture?

If you live in Los Angeles then you're familiar with the construction on the 405 that began just over two years ago. Starting this past Friday at 10 pm, the Rampture closed the westbound Wilshire Boulevard to northbound 405 on-ramp and the northbound 405 to westbound...
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Your Mindset, Your Success

This week we'll be discussing... hypnotherapy. Sure, this might seem like a stretch, but in dealing with distressed properties (and there are more now than ever), you can't help but notice the correlation between the state of one's mind and the state of their finances. A recent...
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Where Should You Start?

  For many people the hardest part of searching for a new home is getting started. Especially in today’s competitive market, it’s important to arm yourself with the right tools so that when you do find that dream home you know what to do. Here are a...
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